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Here we take scientific dissemination and communication to the next level. Try our services right now by clicking on KS-Portal! If you want to consult our latest publications, click on KS-Journal. For conference organizers, click on KS-Conference.

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Video presentations and courses

Discover peer reviewed original video publications for engineers and scientists, download digital supports, take evaluation tests and get your certificate of completion.

Videoconference classes

Ask for a videoconference class with an expert for a course or a workshop responding to your special needs, or enroll in one of the classes available in KS-Portal library catalogue.

Conference sessions replay and live-streaming

The conference streaming and replay service exclusively accessible to your event’s participants and staff with secured access and respecting your event’s graphical chart.

Boost your video presentation

Certify the quality of your scientific and technical presentations with our peer review process and boost your audiovisual content quality with our edition services.

Publish and monetize your creations

Publish and sell your content inside KS-Portal and get referenced inside the video journal of Knowledge & Skills (e-ISSN 2800-2083). Profit from free prospection materials.

Schedule and sell your online class

Schedule, organize a videoconference session to your online class or workshop, sell and manage all from your talent board inside KS-Portal.

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The conference replay service exclusively accessible to your conference’s participants

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